Triple C students experience the working world

For more than 35 years, graduating
students at Triple C School have had the opportunity to participate in a work
experience programme for credit, and starting this year, all senior students
spent a minimum of 120 hours working in the area of their career choice as a
requirement for graduation.

To participate in the programme,
all seniors also take a Careers/College class as a prerequisite which includes
class presentations from a large cross-section of people from the business and
professional community like KPMG, Cayman Airways, the Cayman Islands Stock
Exchange, Civil Aviation, and the health profession.

In addition, students receive
guidance on scholarships and on choosing colleges and programmes that will best
prepare them for their choice careers.

“In my three years working at
Triple C School as the business and careers teacher, I have seen the many
benefits of this programme,” said Judy Blair-Jackson.

“It allows these students to have
hands-on experience in fields that they are curious about. For many, the work
experience has confirmed the field that they would like to pursue; for others
it has allowed them to see what they do not want to pursue. It has opened their
eyes to all the possibilities out there and they have placed a high value on
the experience.”

Senior Nicole Crance really enjoyed
her work experience.

“I am so grateful that Triple C
offers this programme to the seniors, and I am thankful to the Department of
Tourism for giving me the opportunity,” she said.

“It helped me realize that the
working world is so different from school, and I have so much more to think
about now.”  Fellow classmate Darron
Conolly said: “My experience working with the Computer Services Department was
truly an eye-opening one.

“I learned a great deal in the
short time spent there, and I now believe I am steps closer to deciding my
future career.”

Alexandria Johnson had the chance
to work at Smile Dental Clinic. “It was a delight to host such a bright young
individual and a pleasure to introduce her to the rewarding career of
dentistry,” said the clinic’s head dental assistant, Kristine Henriksen.

“We wish her the best of luck in
her future and are confident she will make a fine professional.”