Island Living ticks all the right boxes

More than 3,000 people visited the
Cayman 27 Island Living Show 2010 at the Arts and Recreation Centre, Camana Bay last
weekend, with organisers delighted with the response.

“Basically it gave people the
opportunity to shop and compare without the pressure of walking into a store,
being the only one there and feeling you have to do something. At Island Living
people could ask a few questions and just mosey on; there was no pressure,”
said Monique Hather of Cayman 27.

“We had a few new exhibitors and
many who returning. Everybody was thrilled with it because it is a tough time
of year with staff away and kids on vacation. We had a really good turnout
despite all that. A lot of questions were asked and a lot of details were
brought to the attention of the exhibitors that they didn’t know before.”

Vendors and customers alike
welcomed the opportunity to engage face-to-face about services, new products
and upgrades to current offerings. The shuttle service that operated from
Camana Bay town centre brought a steady stream of people throughout Friday
evening and Saturday, and green-friendly shopping bags and copies of Inside Out
magazine were handed out to visitors throughout the two-day event.

The annual prize for the Rotary
Club of Grand Cayman Sunrise draw was won by Edgar Thomas, who drove away in a
new car. Jane Cebo won a watercraft and Berris Barnett won $500 worth of

Craft and yoghurt

This year’s event featured an
outdoor section of arts, crafts, food and drink and frozen yoghurt. All were
well-received by attendees.

“We had a number of crafters from
Cayman Craft Market who were delighted to be there and said it was fantastic.
One lady told me everyone was sweet and helpful and was very pleased.

“Even the weather was fantastic –
we did have a downpour on Saturday morning but only for ten minutes or so. One
vendor went to West Bay to walk her dog and she said it was coming down
sideways and that’s how it was in a lot of places but for us the weather held
up nicely and it was somewhat cool – at least cooler than last year,” said Ms

“You walk around at the end of the
day, everybody’s smiling and have made good contacts. Some businesses had
signed up 800 people to receive information about their products – it’s very,
very effective and great for small businesses because they see the immediate

Next year’s show is already being
planned at the same location, said Ms Hather, who expects the event to grow even
more in terms of participation. A specific date has not yet been set.