Artist Gordon Solomon offers hospital ‘Victory’

When Gordon Solomon was approached
about creating a mural for the Cayman Islands Hospital, he was immediately
intrigued by the challenge that was presented to him.

The Health Services Authority, with
the assistance of the ‘Do Something Cayman Campaign’, recently upgraded the
exterior landscaping of the Cayman Islands Hospital with the help of many
community groups and volunteers.  One of
the projects was the establishment of a healing garden with Mr. Solomon’s mural
as a focal point.

According to Lizzette Yearwood,
chief executive officer of the Health Services Authority, this new mural is an
important part of the garden.

“We wanted to provide a peaceful
and serene environment filled with hope and life. I think that this mural,
combined with the fantastic landscaping job done recently completed by dozens
of volunteers, achieves that result,” she said.

The theme of the mural is Victory,
and Mr. Solomon drew upon biblical references in creating the concept. 

“The Cayman Islands has a rich
history of Christianity, which made that a natural choice,” he said,
“especially given the significant life events that take place inside a hospital.”

The central image of the mural is
the hand of the divine, with one individual reaching out to God’s hand in a
time of need.  Another individual is
pictured inside a white lily, praying.

The mural was entirely hand

“The hospital gave me total freedom
in designing this piece” says Mr. Solomon.  
“I was free to offer my own interpretation of the space and the
physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that it is intended to assist.  I am hopeful that it will be a source of comfort
and inspiration to those in need.”