Livin la vida low carb

Themed cruises are as popular as
ever and the latest to visit Cayman will be the Livin La Vida Low Carb in May

The cruise departs from Fort
Lauderdale on 1 May and the Carnival Freedom will visit Key West, Grand Cayman
and Ocho Rios, returning to Florida on Saturday, 7 May, said organiser Becky

“This all started when I set a goal
to lose 50 pounds. My reward was a cruise – and I invited 9 friends. When I got
home I mentioned it on a low-carb forum that I frequented. Several of the
people on there said, ‘We ought to do that too,’ and so it grew from there.

“I now have 4 people who help me
out every year, including author and low carb expert Jimmy Moore. Jimmy is kind
of like a sponsor and has an amazing blog, fantastic podcasts, plus a very
large following. And I do mean in numbers, not size,” said Ms Gandy.

Jimmy Moore handles the publicity
and promotion whilst Ms Gandy sorts out all the nuts and bolts of the trips.
Mr. Moore is a big fan of the trips.

“Low-Carb Cruise is all about
informative meetings with the top low-carb experts in the world and lots of fun
and friend-making in some of the most beautiful places on Earth,” he told the

Personal trainers

Over the years the cruise has
attracted guests from the UK, Trinidad, Sweden, North America and South Africa.
On board, guests are treated to demonstrations by personal trainers, talks by
cookbook authors and seminars by experts.

“We have specialists, general
practitioners, authors, personal trainers, fitness experts and low carb product
vendors. This year we were pleased to meet Dr. Michael Fox of the Centre for
Reproductive Medicine – he has found a link between carb intake and
infertility. We have an amazing group of experts who pay their own way to be a
part of this.”
Guests often invite friends and family who may not be on a low-carbohydrate
diet, explained Ms. Gandy, who said that the information about healthy eating
that is offered can prove valuable for everyone.

“I have a very thin brother-in-law
who went just because my sister came with me. He listened to Dr. Williams
Davis, a heart specialist, and was amazed at what he heard so he went home and
started implementing the low-carb lifestyle. He did not need to lose weight so
obviously he didn’t do it for the weight loss. As a result of the cruise, he
learned how to eat right and lowered his cholesterol over 40 points in a month.
His doctor was amazed.

“Then there are some people who are
majorly struggling with weight loss and the encouragement and friendship is
very valuable.  Everyone is at different
stages of the journey, so nobody is judged by what they eat or do not eat –
unless they get caught at the 24-hour pizza salon. It is our goal for everyone to
feel accepted and to get what they need from the trip – a vacation, information,
friendship, and hope,” concluded Ms. Gandy.

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