Independence Day hair-do

Local hair style extremist Ann
Marie Tomlinson is sporting a new hair-do. The bus driver, who enjoys dreaming
up eye-catching ‘do’s is currently wearing one with a Jamaican Independence Day
theme for the 6 August observance.

If you want to see this lady of
styles, join her and many others from across the world at the Cardinall Avenue
events on the day.

A woman of many different styles,
her eye-popping, colourful designs never fail to turn heads. From flamboyant to
outrageous and downright funny to demure, sophisticated and elegant, Ms
Tomlinson sports it all.

Putting a smile on people’s faces
is what makes her feel good about her colourful designs, she said.

Even though she likes changing her
hairstyle every two weeks, she said some of her designs can get in the way of
her getting a good night’s rest.

When asked what people think of her
when she comes up with some outrageous style, the trendsetter said, “Most of my
friends usually find them funny and make comments like, ‘Ann Marie you and your
crazy hair styles.’ Most people just smile.”

She said lots of people have
approached her wanting to copy certain styles. “Usually, I just say feel free
and give them the name of my favourite hair stylists.” She said even some
parents have brought their children to get a look at a style, and she loves it.
To create her one-of-a-kind Jamaican Independence ‘do, Ms Tomlinson visited
Hype Hair and Beauty Barber Salon on Eastern Avenue.


Ann Marie Tomlinson shows off her hair-do in support of Jamaican Independence Day.
Photo: Jewel Levy