Art Trek and Kids Flicks perfect summer activity

School’s out and the summer is
wearing on. Have you wondered what to do with your kids for the rest of the
summer with money being tight?

Why not bring them to the National
Gallery of the Cayman Islands Education Centre each Thursday afternoon for Art
Trek/Kids Flicks? This free art programme combines the use of film and drawing,
is geared to children ages 6 to 11, and features the BBC documentary series

The subject matter of the film
series surrounds the various strata of plant and animal species the world over
and also features world famous naturalist David Attenborough as its narrator.
Life consists of ten 50-minute episodes with the opening programme giving a general
introduction to the series, the second a look at plants, and the remainder
dedicated to the major animal groups.

“Children who attend Art Trek/Kids
Flicks will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of nature,
gaining new appreciation of the earth and its inhabitants” says Mona Watler,
National Gallery of the Cayman Islands communications and marketing manager.

“Art Trek is usually held only once
every month, but in July and August we increase the amount of classes to offer
an outlet for kids to channel their artistic energies each week. Showing
excerpts of the Life series is an added feature, and we feel that the children
will benefit from its interesting and educational content.” Mrs. Watler said.

The children will also have the
opportunity to draw the plants and animals shown in the film. The lesson begins
with a viewing of a short excerpt of the film and winds down with the children
depicting their own versions of underwater landscapes and interpretations of
plants and animals in various mediums.

Art Trek/Kids Flicks is held at the
National Gallery of the Cayman Islands Education Centre at Miss Lassie’s Duplex
from 3.30-4.30pm throughout the summer.

Art Trek will return to its regular
programming schedule in September.

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