Rooney’s image is up in smoke

Ron’s Rant

Wayne Rooney was slyly photographed
enjoying a cigarette while urinating against a wall as he enjoyed a raucous
night out in Manchester with pals and his wife at 5.30am. Fellow Manchester
United player Anderson was lucky to escape serious injury in a car he was
driving in Portugal, going home from partying at 7am. Ashley Cole was pictured
this week smoking a cigarette and Aaron Lennon a cigar. Michael Phelps has in
the past been caught on camera smoking ganja in a bong…

No wonder overpaid, pampered
sportsmen are so heavily criticised for sending the wrong signals to youngsters
who are trying to emulate them. They are definitely not role models.

Rooney was given an extended
holiday after his World Cup ‘exertions’ but surely Alex Ferguson didn’t expect
him to party so hard. Sure, Rooney is allowed to unwind but as a public figure
who inspires millions of impressionable kids there should be a sense of
responsibility. He claimed recently that since his baby boy Kai was born last
year he has settled into domestic bliss with Colleen. Bed by 10.30pm is the
norm he insisted. No one expects him to live like a Trappist monk, especially
when on vacation, but Rooney has just spent a month unwinding in Las Vegas and
at his $7 million mansion in Barbados. It seems he wanted too much of a good

Anderson said he was thankful to
still be alive and not maimed. Cristiano Ronaldo has had a series of crashes
too in super-powered cars because of reckless driving.

Young men with lots of cash and
opportunities to spend it. Nothing wrong with that. But even the most
uneducated ones should realise that putting their own health and source of
livelihoods at risk and other people’s lives in jeopardy by such behaviour is
just plain stupid. But then again what would most of them be doing if not for
football? Unemployed or at best minimum wage jobs. Rooney had the cheek to
berate England fans who spent thousands of their hard-earned cash to watch his
miserable performances at the World Cup for rightly booing him.

Maybe Rooney should have been
forced to deliver mail for $400 a week. That may have helped him get his life
into perspective a little better.

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