Scrap metal contract awarded

The Central Tenders Committee has awarded the
contract to remove the remaining scrap metal at Mount Trashmore to local company
Island Builders Co.

Ronnie Dunn, chairman of the Central Tenders
Committee, said on Tuesday morning that the company had been awarded the scrap
metal tender for a price of $36.16 per ton.

“At an estimated 8,000 tons, the total
contract value is anticipated to be $289,280,” Mr. Dunn said.

He said there had been three bidders in the
tender, which closed on 18 June. “One bidder was disqualified for failing to
meet a tender requirement. The tender was awarded to the highest of the two
remaining qualifying bidders,” Mr. Dunn said.

The Central Tenders Committee notified the
winning bidder on Tuesday of its decision. Managing director of Island Builders,
Dean Scott, said he had no comment to make on the bid at press time until more
details were available.

According to the tender invitation, the scrap
metal at the dump includes loose, unprocessed or semi-processed appliances,
derelict vehicles, fuel tanks, tyre rims, metal furniture, fixtures,
construction debris and other metal items.

It said the metal included, but was not limited to, brass,
copper, aluminium, steel, tin, cast iron and other discarded metal suitable for

Please read the full story in Thursday’s Caymanian Compass…


  1. Since Early August Island Builder,Dean Scott has won the bid on the scrap metal. It is now some two months plus and nothing has been done with the scrap metal. Are we waiting for a next hurrican season to come upon us?

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