Discount card offers savings

The Civil Service Association is
taking part in a new offering that allows its members to receive discounts from
a wide range of establishments across Grand Cayman.

They have received a card that can
be folded and kept in a wallet or pocket, which is known as the Cayman Islands
University and Civil Servant Discount card.

The card offers discounts and
specials in many different establishments across the island under the headings
of entertainment, lifestyle, restaurants and bars. Some discounts are us as
much as 30 per cent.

The card is produced, marketed and
distributed by Ktone Ltd. It has been running for two years. At first it was
aimed only at students. The card is handed out free to members who were
initially students at UCCI, St. Matthews, ICCI and Cayman Islands Law School
and had a distribution of over 3,000 people every semester, or every four

Now that the Civil Service
Association has joined, the card will be distributed to nearly 7,000 people
across the Island on a quarterly basis. The Civil service Service Association’s
representatives Mr. Christen Suckoo and Mrs. Linda McLean have both been very
keen and happy with the new product.

Mr. Suckoo noted that, “Under the
current situation with the Civil Service and the economic environment in
general, offerings such as this are greatly appreciated and eagerly accepted.”
Mr. Suckoo also urged as many organisations to get involved as possible.

Ktone also offers participating
advertisers the chance to send out daily and weekly specials to all people in
its database at no cost.

If you wish your organisation to be
involved in the next card, call 926-8663.

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