Fundraiser for Haiti

A group of workers for Butterfield
have organised a fundraiser for victims of January’s Haiti earthquake disaster.

They want to raise the money to
help with the rebuilding of Haiti. There will be two Sports For Kids: Save
Haiti sports days at Camana Bay over two weekends. There will be five different
sets of coaches, coaching three sports, for about 30 minutes a session. The
sports will be basketball, football and gaelic football. Buttefield worker Tom
Elliot, the former Cayman national football captain, said: “The idea is to help
get the kids out of the house, give them a taste of sports they may not
necessarily be exposed to regularly, and also raise a few pennies for charity.
I am going to have five stations, with two coaches at each station and will
have the kids rotate each station. They’ll get a taste of each sport and learn
some skills from locals who play on island.”

Pre-registration isn’t required,
parents can just take their kids down on the day if that works. The days are on
Saturdays 14 and 21 August for children aged at least eight. It is from
9am-12pm and the cost is $25 per session.

It is organised by the non-profit
company Haven.

For more information, go to: