Cayman’s schools are again a construction zone

Work has started at George Town Primary, and John A Cumber
and East End primary schools to relocate portable classrooms to make way for
the eventual construction of new, permanent classrooms. 

Moving and reassembling the portable classrooms is supposed
to be completed by 31 August, in time for the new school year.

The portables need to be moved since the sites housing them
are designated for the new classrooms.

“In the event that moving the classrooms to their new
temporary locations is not completed in time, our contingency plan is have
classes in the school hall until the classrooms are ready,” said the Ministry
of Education’s Tommy Ebanks, who is overseeing the work.

With about 350 students expected at George Town Primary in
September, Principal Marie Martin is looking forward to a new building to house
nine classrooms, a sick bay, administration space and a library.

“The portables have a few problems, with things like mould,
and are expensive to maintain. We are happy we will be getting permanent
buildings,” said Ms Martin.

She said she is not sure what the construction means for
plans that were once in the works to build a new George Town Primary on a site

Work on the new classrooms is expected to start sometime in
September. Public Works project manager Nayasha Ross said the new buildings are
still in the design phase.

Mr. Ebanks said work on preparing the Savannah Primary,
Bodden Town and Red Bay primary school sites for construction will begin in

At George Town Primary, for space reasons, the portables
are being moved onto the school’s netball courts, leaving only  half of the court space open.

However Mr. Ebanks said the four courts at George Hicks will now be open
to the public for the first time to help
ease congestion.

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