Juniors swing for fall

Cayman’s junior golf scene took on
their regional opponents in the Bahamas earlier this month. Though the results
there were decent more young swingers are slated to come through the ranks this

Mike Touchette was the head coach
for the four-member Cayman side that competed in the Caribbean Amateur Junior
Golf Championship in Freeport, Grand Bahama. He states that the coming months
will showcase more local youngsters at Grand Cayman’s North Sound Golf Club.

“The junior programme will continue
going forward with hopefully our fall session beginning towards the end of
September, early October,” Touchette said. “There are no local junior events
planned for the fall as of yet. For the players that were on the team next up
is enjoying the rest of their summers and continuing to work hard on their golf
games with a focus on next year’s tournament. Most of the kids will be heading
back to their respective schools abroad.”

Touchette, along with team manager
Samantha Widmer, saw personal bests from youngsters Jack Widmer, 17, Peter
Mitchell, 16, Sai Eccles, 15, and Emily Ribbins, 15. Aside from Jack Widmer the
other golfers all improved by some 20 strokes.

All competed in the 14-15 and 16-17
age groups. By tournament’s end they would see a number of prodigies atop the
leader-boards. The overall winner in the 16-17 boys category was Ian Facey of
Jamaica while the girls section was won by Patricia Garcia of Puerto Rico.
Jonathan Newnham of Jamaica took the 14-15 boys section while Maria Torres of
Puerto Rico claimed victory for the girls.

Among the local kids that could
rise up and steady Cayman next year are Payton Wight and Cody Bergstrom (who
are in the 15-16 age group). Wight, son of local sportsman Michael Wight, is
the youngest player to hit a hole-in-one at the North Sound Golf Club while
Bergstrom competed at last year’s junior tournament in Jamaica and placed 20th
in the 14-15 age group.

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