Letters to the Editor: Government must pay attention

As I ask the question can things
get any worse for us Caymanians; we know hard times for we came up out of very
hard times. But then a lot of the hard times we are seeing and going through
now aren’t our fault.

It is the fault of the Government,
which has no real protection in place for the real Caymanian worker. They don’t
have any respect for the natives of this country who, with their hard work,
have made it possible for them to collect their fat salaries.

How in God’s name can they cut
salaries and raise taxes on all of us? The Civil Servants are affected in a big
way. They are having it just as hard as all the rest of us.

The little money that some of them
receive from Government cannot pay the bills and take care of all that is
needed in the family. Some of their children even go to bed hungry. My people
are feeling it and it is not good.

Now we have another big problem. A
lot of Caymanians are being laid off and pushed aside; some of them with more
than 10 years on the job, and are being replaced by permit workers who I
understand accept lower wages for the positions of Caymanians that are laid

What a shame.

A lot of these Caymanians have
children, house payments, car payments, school fees and the list goes on of the
things that they have to find money for each month to keep the family afloat.

What will they do when jobs for
them are so hard to get in these troubled times?

As we know, the Government of the
day has no real answers for the people and offers no protection for the
Caymanian workers. But still they want people to hold their heads up and smile.
As I stated in a few of my letters to the public, the Government of the Cayman
Islands is helping to increase the crime wave on this Island and the leaders
are all blind to it.

What do you think will happen to a
workforce that is used to having money to take care of themselves when all of a
sudden they have no money and begin losing all that they worked for over the
years and their children are looking up in their faces for answers and
sometimes going to bed hungry?

I urge all Caymanians that have
been pushed out of a job and replaced by a permit worker or just laid off for
no good reason; take your complaint directly to Mr. McKeeva Bush.

We as a people in the year 2010 do
not have to be living so bad on this our Island home. Our money collected over
the years has been foolishly wasted. Remember, a fool and his money will soon
part. Now the leaders have personal drivers, cooks, body guards and God knows
what else to waste the little money that is coming in while they are busy
trying to make the people poorer. When will the Caymanians wise up? I know that
many of you are afraid to write or even speak out about it, bit I will help to
be your voice. I will do whatever I can to help turn this abuse of my people
around. So leaders, when the crime gets so bad here that most of you want to
run away, then and only then, perhaps you will understand what you are doing
wrong to your people.

Remember, Caymanians are supposed
to always come first here on Grand Cayman. We are sick and fed up with the way
we are treated by our Government and also by outsiders; total disrespect and a
stop needs to be put to it before the whole place gets out of control. Take the
time be your brother’s keeper.

Emile S. Levy

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