Editorial for August 18: Reach out to Haiti with help

It’s not unusual for folks in the
Cayman Islands to come to the aid of others in times of need.

That’s why it’s no surprise that a
group of current and former Butterfield Bank workers in the Cayman Islands is
raising money to go to Haiti to help build houses in that earthquake ravaged

Team Cayman for Haiti will make the
trek to our neighbouring country in October to spend one week working
diligently to build houses for people who are still homeless following the massive
earthquake in January.

It’s not the first time people from
Cayman have assisted their fellow man in Haiti. Many rallied to the cause
immediately after the earthquake and others are still sending aid in the form
of goods and cash. And we’re sure Team Cayman won’t be the last group to offer
assistance; it appears Haiti is going to be in dire need for a very long time.

Team Cayman members must be
congratulated for their efforts, but they need our help.

A fundraiser held this past
Saturday at Camana Bay helped raise $375. The event was a sporting one for
children to get outside and experience Gaelic football and basketball. Another
sports camp will be held at the Camana Bay playfield on Saturday. See the
details and contact information on pages 10 and 11 of today’s Caymanian
Compass. The cost is only $25 per child and it is an excellent way to get the
kids out of the house and active. They might even learn a thing or two about

There will be other fundraisers
until the team boards the plane bound for Haiti. Supporting this effort is
important; each team member has to raise $4,100 to make this effort a success.

We can’t forget what happened in
Haiti and we can’t let the people of that country go on living under tarpaulins
and soiled bed linens. There is so much need in that country and we, in the
Cayman Islands, are blessed with much.

Reach out to Team Cayman for Haiti
and see how you can help. Contact information and ways to help can be found
inside today’s newspaper. Please help do your part.