Randy Martin’s murder appeal dismissed

Randy Martin has lost his appeal
against conviction for the murder of Sabrina Schirn in the vicinity of the
prison farm in East End on 11 March 2009.

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal
heard arguments all day Friday from Defence Attorney Adam King and Solicitor
General Cheryll Richards. Court president Sir John Chadwick said the three
judges were satisfied that the appeal should be dismissed and their reasons
would be put in writing and handed down.

Martin’s trial began in November
2009. He had initially elected trial by jury but then asked for judge alone
because many people knew Ms Schirn or her family and he felt that jurors would
be affected by that knowledge.

Justice Charles Quin allowed him to
change his election and the trial proceeded, with Martin found guilty on 26
January 2010.

Mr. King argued that, in a trial by
judge alone, the judge’s mind must be clearly revealed as to how he has reached
his verdict. But in this trial the judge did not comment sufficiently on the
evidence of Martin’s nephew, Lance Myles.

Mr. King argued that Martin had no
motive for killing Ms Schirn, as she had been providing him with cigarettes,
drugs and physical gratification. On the other hand, he suggested that Myles
did have a motive.

Ms Richards pointed to various
parts of the judge’s 62-page judgment in which he did comment on Myles’
evidence. She also noted there was no evidence to connect Myles to the murder

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