Brewery finds niche in canning its beers

Cayman Islands Brewery conducted
its first canning run of CayLight last week, completing the brewery’s can

According to James Mansfield, commercial
manager with the Cayman Islands Brewery, the release of CayLight cans fills an
important niche for the company.

“We are particularly happy with
CayLight which is a low-carb, low-calorie product and it’s becoming very
popular among active Caymanians as well as a younger audience so this has been
a nice launch for us as the product is actually one of our fastest growing
products,” said Mr. Mansfield.

The lower alcohol content of the
beer also appeals to many consumers, according to Mr. Mansfield.

CayLight contains 3.5 per cent
alcohol and only 95 calories, putting it on the other end of the scale from the
company’s recently released Ironshore Bock, a much darker and stronger beer.

Due to the specific appeal of the
product to a more active audience, releasing CayLight in cans was also an
important step for the company as cans offer specific advantages to the
product’s primary consumers.

“We’ve found with Caybrew that the
can was growing faster than the bottle. A lot more people are taking them to
the beach, going on boats with them where they don’t want the hassle of the bottles
or the possibility of breaking the bottles, so the cans have been a nice boost
to the portfolio. Also they chill down faster than bottles and can fit into
fridges easier so there are a lot of reasons why people are going for cans,”
said Mr. Mansfield.

“This is a beach- and boat-driven
community so having a product that can be taken onto either those which is safe
is very important.”

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Andreas Moerl, brew-master, Daniel Cam-bell, office assistant and James Mansfield, commercial manager, show off the full range of Cayman Islands Brewery’s canned beers.
Photo: Eugene Bonthuys

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