Letters to the Editor: Hurting Cayman’s tourism product

I’ve been fortunate to have worked
in Alaska, the US Virgin Islands, the BVI’s, Barbados, Key West and Latin

Being in the travel retail industry
allows one an opportunity to understand the various market dynamics of
different geographic locations, but one thing never changes – the competitive
nature of the global marketplace. You adapt and change to remain competitive or
you die. It’s as simple as that – regardless of the industry, you must always
be cognizant of the competition.

Sadly, I’ve witnessed a lot of
ignorance and arrogance in my travels, particularly amongst politicians. Under
the guise of protecting one’s culture and country, I’ve encountered the non
“native born” argument a dozen times in a dozen different countries.

I’ve watched as politicians
pandered to an uneducated and untrained workforce with rationalised references
to slavery, the plantation system or political party – essentially your are not
to blame, it is the unfair and prejudiced (fill in the blank)that has failed

The Cayman Islands must confront
some very serious market place issues, especially in its tourism product or the
decisions will be made for you by better market competitors. Of course, there
will always be the arguments on government spending, forms of taxation, foreign
workers, revenue generation, etc., but the leaders of this country must never
forget its place in the marketplace.

The Cayman Islands are a special
place, but arguably so is the rest of the Caribbean and I can assure you that
the jobs advertised by better competitors elsewhere don’t say “Caymanian Only”
need apply.

Bob Nickoles