BA flight hits a few snags

It turned out to be a
more eventful journey than they had bargained for when passengers on a British
Airways flight, which departed Grand Cayman on Wednesday evening, were told
they would be delayed in the Bahamas overnight due to an unidentified technical

Passengers on board the
Nassau to London flight (BA #252) were told by the pilot that there had been an
‘indication’ shortly after landing in Nassau Wednesday night.

“The fault could not be
fixed in a timely manner so the decision was made to cancel the flight,” said
BA District Manager Adrian Barton.

“The Cayman-London
passengers were put up for the night in the Cable Beach Sheraton in Nassau.”

According to those on
board the flight, passengers were told to get off the aircraft and collect their

“Then we were herded
outside for bus to airport, then told to go back inside airport because the
plane was fixed, then told no, the plane was not fixed,” said passenger Norma
Connolly, who was travelling to Ireland.

“Then we went back
outside to the bus, [there was] one bus for one hundred people,” adding that it
had to make several trips.

Thursday morning,
passengers were told the aircraft had “developed a technical fault that took BA
engineers some time to repair”.

They were told the
departure of the BA flight to Heathrow Airport could be delayed until 6pm

Passengers were also
met with confusion over the provision of food services on the delayed flight,
having been told by the ground crew that there would no longer be food on the rescheduled
flight, while the flight crew seemed confident there would be.

In the end, those on
board had to wait for sandwiches to be delivered.

“We were hungry and
irritated and just wanted to be on our way,” said Ms Connolly.

BA spokesman John Lampl
later told the Caymanian Compass that a hydraulic problem was detected
following the aircraft’s arrival in Nassau.

“The engineers were
trying to diagnose the problem but it was taking a long time, so the decision
was made to make a night stop in Nassau,” Mr. Lampl said.

“We regret the
situation, but these measures were taken for safety and security reasons,”
noting that after undergoing repairs the plane was “100 per cent ready to fly.”

The flight, which was
rescheduled to land at Heathrow at 7am on Friday eventually landed at 9am (London time.)