Bloodbath inside Somali hotel

More than 30 people are dead,
including six government officials, after a suicide bomber and gunmen dressed
as soldiers attacked a hotel in Somalia’s capital.

attacks follow fighting the previous night in Mogadishu, which left 40 people dead and a
threat by Al Shabab — a militant group aligned with Al Qaeda —
of a “massive” war against African Union troops.

Deputy Prime
Minister Abdirahman Ibbi
said the suicide bomber blew himself up with a hand grenade.

least 32 people were killed in the hotel attack including six parliamentary
members and 19 civilians, among those were an 11-year-old shoe shine boy and a
woman selling tea.

security force members and two hotels workers were also killed.

have no motive other than to terrorize the Somali people. This is a deplorable
act in this holy month of Ramadan,” said Abdirahman Omar Osman, Somalia’s information minister of
Al Shabab. “It shows their brutality and lack of respect for humanity.”

Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage, an Al Shabab spokesman, said the militia’s
“special forces” executed the attack against those “aiding the
infidels,” referring to the 6,000 African Union troops protecting the

the group mostly carries out attacks in Somalia, last month Al Shabab claimed
responsibility for suicide attacks in Uganda that killed 76 people during the World Cup final.

government collapsed in 1991 and has since faced constant attacks from Al
Shabab since 2007.