Sports for Kids boosted funds

Haiti’s millions of sufferers from
January’s earthquake that killed over 200,000 have been receiving help from all
over the world since the tragedy struck and some colleagues from the
Butterfield Group in Cayman are doing their bit to help soon.

The Butterfield colleagues are
raising money to help with the rebuilding of Haiti and they organised two
weekends of Sports for Kids: Save Haiti days to contribute to travelling funds
to Haiti for a week in October.

There were five sets of coaches
coaching three sports for about 30 minutes a session in basketball, football
and Gaelic football at the playing field in Camana Bay the past two Saturdays.

At Sport for Kids: Save Haiti the
kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their $25 gave the extra satisfaction of
contributing to such a worthy cause.

Team Cayman for Haiti is scheduled
to go to Haiti 31 October to 7 November to work with a non-profit organisation,
Haven Partnership, during their Build It Week. Each volunteer will have a daily
responsibility to help build homes by various tasks such as painting,
bricklaying, plastering and other hands-on activities.

Butterfield worker Tom Elliot, the
former Cayman national football captain, said: “The camp once again ran very
smoothly. The coaches were very well prepared and kept the kids active
throughout the day. Again, the numbers were a little less than we would have
hoped for, but it wasn’t detrimental to the experience.

“We raised about CI$1,000. This was
from kids participating, as well as others just donating because they heard
about the cause. The feedback from the kids was very positive. They enjoyed the
new sports and were completely drained by the end of the day. The parents
seemed to be impressed. A number of them did suggest we host the tournament
later in the year when the kids are back from their summer holidays. This is
something we will be thinking about for sure.”

Elliot and his colleagues have also
organised another fundraiser, this time a bingo session at the Dog House on
Wednesday 25 August. “I hope people will support us with this as well. It’s an
‘iBingo’ session starting at 6pm. We mentioned this to the kids and parents at
the end of the day and they seemed interested. We are also working on a wine
tasting night and a raffle. We’ll see how these go and could have one or more
events later in the year.”

When Elliot gets out to
Port-au-Prince he is looking forward to making as big a contribution and noticeable
difference as he can. “I have a friend who has done something similar with his
church. At the end of his experience he was able to hand the keys to a new
house over to someone. I’m hoping to have a satisfactory experience like this
at the end of my week there.”

Is he likely to take his football
boots and maybe do some coaching? “I’d like to, but I really don’t think I’ll
have the time. From what I understand, it’s pretty much work from sunrise to
sunset. If the opportunity arises, I’ll definitely get involved, but I’m not
sure if it will.”