Wednesday’s iBingo to help Haiti

Team Cayman for Haiti will help build houses

In an era where news coverage on
current events can be reported as easily as a tweet or a Facebook status
update, there is a constant pull for a reader’s attention that can often result
in a quick glance at the headlines. 

Then there are some events that
happen so unpredictably and with such dramatic impact to a country, that the
world is gripped by nothing less than its own humanity to help alleviate the

Yet, even before the natural
disaster that shattered Haiti earlier this year, it is simple to appreciate
Leslie Buckley’s first reaction when he visited Haiti in 2004. So appalled by
the living conditions the people of Haiti endured that both he and his wife,
Carmel moved into action and formed the Non-Government Organization known as
Haven in late 2008.

So when the lives of approximately
230,000 people were taken and 1.3 million Haitians were left homeless from the
earthquake measuring 7.0 that struck Port au Prince on 12 January, there was an
automatic response to Haiti with financial commitments, humanitarian relief and

In spite of the time that has
passed and the help that has been given over seven months later, little effort
in the reports, interviews, videos and photographs is needed to reflect a
landscape of the hungry and homeless; and the emotional aftershock can be felt
once more.

With the primary goal of building
sustainable communities, through the provision of housing and by implementing
community development programmes, Haven’s strong focus on training, up-skilling
and employing local Haitian people throughout the year has lead to the creation
of jobs and encouraging local trade and industry.

Haven is full of passionate people
that help rebuild homes for families and hope for the future such as the 297
volunteers that joined Haven in April to help rebuild Haiti. These volunteers
built 63 houses, a community centre and a playground in Gonaives.

Now, twice a year, every April and
October, Haven’s Haitian workforce is joined on site by a team of volunteers
who take part in an intensive Build it Week. While in Haiti, volunteers live
and work on the building site in extremely basic conditions. Due to the phenomenal
response of volunteers, there will be over 600 volunteers from Ireland that
will be joined by eight volunteers that make up Team Cayman for Haiti this

With many of the members that form
Team Cayman for Cayman motivating each other, they can often be heard reminding
each other to “Go Hard or Go Home” and it definitely appears that this has inspired
the community that they have reached out to.

By creating fun and unique
fundraisers such as iBingo at 6pm Wednesday at the Dog House in Grand Harbour,
the team’s approach to get everyone involved with family and friends is already
showing tremendous support from companies on island that are helping to give 20
great and diverse bingo prizes, such as Versace & Maui Jim eyewear
contributed by Cayman Vision Centre; Staycations from Cayman Villas &
Treasure Island; vouchers from the Brick House, 
Brew House, Oar House, Dog House Casa Nova; Icoa; and even certificates
from Island Ink are ready for the winning.

As if there would be more needed to
attract support to iBingo, Digicel has provided top prizes for the four iBingo
games for an iPad, iPod and 2 HTC touch smart phones.

Team Cayman for Haiti volunteer,
Taura Ebanks, when speaking about the fundraisers commented, “The great thing
about this event is that it’s been organised to include all ages, beginners and
expert bingo players that can join us for all 24 games of Bingo and iBingo or
simply pay $5 to register and $1 per additional play card to play the games
they want to. Families and friends can come enjoy the 25-cent chicken wings
that the Dog House has quickly become known for, play inside or outside. All
the funds raised will get us to Haiti to build homes for displaced families and
our team is really excited to host an event that will keep spirits high and
have everyone come out to help us build hope one home at a time.”

For more information on iBingo
contact 324-4028, e-mail [email protected] or join the Face book group
page Team Cayman for Haiti.

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