Diversity excels

Last year was a great occasion for
local autocross racing and so far the momentum has not subsided.

This year’s Time Attack series by
the Cayman Motorsports Association has kept a number of popular aspects. A
points standing continues to be in effect to crown individual class winners and
an overall island champion. The Progressive Loop on Sparky’s Drive off North
Sound Road continues to host races every month.

In addition there is a wider
cross-section of cars and drivers. An import-dominated scene years ago,
competition has diversified to include exotic performers like a Porsche Cayman
S and muscle cars like the Ford Mustang. Drivers have not all been in the
20-something local crowd, a number of older chaps have given it a go and some
are residents from locales likes England and the US.

Motorsports association president
Bobby Hulse states the evolving field is a positive sign for the sport.

“Competition is funny in Time
Attack,” Hulse said. “Everyone wants to do well and win of course but most of
the time we are having too much fun to make it more than a passing thing. Of
course the teasing and bench racing more than makes up for it though. One thing
for sure is that we have a great variety of competitors again this year.

“Cars like Richard Crashaw’s
Porsche and Alchrist Bodden’s Mustang keep things interesting. Not quite as
interesting as when Andy Bodden brings out his GT500 Mustang but still

Much of that diverse field is
slated to be on display on Saturday 28 August at the next Time Attack race.
Action gets going once again at the Progressive Loop from 7pm. Most will be
split into three classes: Street All Wheel Drive and Street Two Wheel Drive (a
new section this year that incorporates Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive
cars) along with the Unlimited division (battle runs will take place for each
class as well).

Hulse, who is a regular competitor
in his flat black Toyota Altezza sports sedan, states that the standings show
there is much left to be decided this season. “We have not yet totalled up all
the points for the year yet but we will by the end of the event on Saturday. I
am pretty sure things are close between Keith (Tibbetts III) and I in Unlimited
but I had to miss a race so Ian (Tibbetts in his Chevy Corvette) might very
well be in second. Gary Huggins and Wayne Kirkconnell have missed a few races
so they are a little further back. In AWD I’m pretty sure Mike Weatherford is
top of the leader-board as well as the top of Street Battle. In 2WD it would
have to be between Ajoni (Ambersley) and the Ebanks brothers, Jerad and Josen.”

Ultimately though Hulse enjoys the
competitive side of autocross racing he is quick to point out its deeper
purpose. “The motorsports association is pretty much a large support group that
encourages people to learn to drive better and hopefully reinforces the need
for responsible driving on the road. We don’t tolerate irresponsible driving at
Time Attack and we discourage it on the street.”

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