Editorial for August 31: School is back in, drive slowly

Summer will soon be officially over
as households return to the normal routine that the opening of a new school
year brings.

Many of the private schools have
already begun educational year 2010-2011 and government schools will go full
tilt beginning next week.

Those of us who have enjoyed the
relatively uncrowded roadways during our morning commutes are going to have to
either learn to leave earlier or expect delays getting to the office as
parents, guardians and bus drivers get their young charges to school.

And with the opening of our
schools, school zones that require drivers to slow down to 15 miles an hour
will be in force.

It is hoped that we will see a bit
more police presence at the school zones this year. Some people are frankly
quite oblivious to the flashing yellow lights that warn them to slow their
vehicles when passing through a school zone.

Even those of us who pack a daily
portion of patience while driving anyway, should be aware of the students
around us.

At the primary schools there will
be many youngsters who have never experienced the hustle and bustle of getting
to school, so some of them may become confused and disoriented.

Opening school day can be traumatic
not only for first-time students, but also for those young parents who are
delivering their precious cargo to the hands of teachers and staffs for the
first time.

The Caymanian Compass implores
everyone who drives through school zones to slow down and observe all that is
happening around them.

We would also hope that all drivers
show courtesy to each other and stop as children try to manoeuvre crosswalks.

The youngsters walking in to the
hallowed halls of education are the future of the Cayman Islands.

We must do all that we can to make
sure they are safe while traversing our roadways.

If you are a parent or guardian
taking your child to school, please follow the proper procedures so that
already clogged traffic doesn’t become too unbearable for those stuck in traffic
with you.

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