Police: Tourist robbed on West Bay Road

Royal Cayman Islands Police were investigating the reported robbery of a visitor late Tuesday night along West Bay Road near the old Hyatt hotel.

The 38-year-old male victim reported the crime to police at Owen Roberts International Airport about 30 minutes after it occurred.

According to the man, two white men approached him around 9.50pm Tuesday on West Bay Road near the Hyatt and knocked him down. 

The tourist said the two males took his metal clip, which contained Verizon phone, his identification, stamps and various credit cards. The two men then allegedly ran off. 

The robbery victim suffered minor injuries to his knee and was not hospitalised. He was expected to leave Cayman Wednesday. 

The two suspects in the robbery were both described as white, in their late 20’s, about 5’8″ with short haircuts. One man was wearing a blue shirt and white shorts, the other had a green shirt on. 

Since the crime was reported at a different location than where it occurred, police are asking for anyone who might have seen anything along West Bay Road near the Hyatt around 9.50pm Tuesday to assist them. 

Those with any information are asked to call George Town Police at 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477 (TIPS).



  1. When are the blinkered people of the cayman islands going to waken up and admit that there is a huge problem here with both crime and drugs ,to continue to advertise the islands as paradise with very low crime rate is so wrong …people have a right to know what is happening here..as for the police you need to harden up and regardless of colour or nationality give a stiffer sentence. At one time you probably could walk about here quite safely but as the last few years and in particular this past year has shown that is long gone ,stop lying to yourselves and the general public and admit this island is quickly becoming a cesspit.It is a disgrace that anyone especially a tourist whom these islands depend on heavily for generating income cannot be safe outside of their hotel room .

  2. Get a grip folks because if the USA issues a Travel Advisory that The Cayman Islands is not safe to visit, you may as well turn out the lights because the party will be over the minute they do.

  3. Why is it, that when a black man commits a crime here, he’s described as having a "dark complexion"?

    And when a white man commits a crime here, he’s described as a white man, As opposed to having a "light complexion".?

    Kind of ridiculous isn’t it?

  4. Cayman used to be the safest island in the Caribbean to come to. Not so any more. In regard to Prudence’s comment about the police "hardening up and giving a stiffer sentence" she is wrong. It is the JUDGE who needs to give stiffer sentences — all the police can do is to arrest them — but time after time they get a slap on the wrist and are out on the streets again — to carry on committing crimes as before, Yes, that includes robbing tourists who are easy "marks". And yes, it will destroy what little tourism is left. The only judge that dealt justice swiftly, without beating around the bush, and wasn’t afraid of imposing harsh sentences was just thrown off the island. That was a bigger crime.

  5. CaymanMermaid so yes it is the Judge who makes the sentence ,irregardless that the word police was used it still amounts to the fact ,it depends who you are as to whether you will get charged or not and at the end of the day heavier penalties need to be dished out ,i think we will both agree that all most people want is to go about their business and live safely.

    And to Jack it is not only USA who holiday here there are plenty of other nationalities come here to,all deserve to know what is going on here instead of trying to deceive people !

  6. Yes indeed, just what ‘we tourists’ want to hear (not!); urgent action required before ‘we’ vanish to safer places to spend out hard earned cash…….

  7. This is the answer to D,

    The reason why, the discription is white instead of light complexion, is because…White is White, Dark Complexion comprises many different colours, there is tan orlight brown which is somewhat darker than white, brown,dark brown,and some with no intent to offend…are dark as night.

    So there, that should answer your question.

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