West Bay hit-and-run suspect arrested

A man who turned up at the George
Town Police Station for a police interview last month has been arrested in
connection with a hit-and-run accident in West Bay that left two women
hospitalised with severe injuries.

The women’s family members had
earlier pleaded with the suspect involved in the 14 July crash to “do what was

According to police investigators,
the 25-year-old man did not turn himself in at the police station on 4 August,
but rather came in for an interview at the request of detectives. He was later
arrested in connection with the case, but he has not been formally charged.

Rose-Marie Sanderson, 46, and Joan
Walters have since been released from hospital after they were hit while
walking along the side of Mount Pleasant Road in West Bay. According to their
families, Ms Sanderson suffered a broken hip and broken right ankle, and Ms
Walters suffered serious head injuries and a broken sinus bone under her

“I would ask the driver to put
himself in the family’s place,” Ms Sanderson’s sister, Donna Richards, said at
the time. “Just do what is right; what he would want to have done if it had
happened to him.” 

The driver of the car that struck
the women – knocking one of them into the air and over a fence along the road –
left the scene, police said.

 On Friday police arrested a 20-year-old man in
connection with a hit-and-run on Bodden Town Road on Thursday night when a
37-year-old woman riding a bicycle was struck. The driver has not been formally

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