Hydes’ Starlet roars

American muscle turned plenty of
heads at Breakers Speedway last Saturday night. However home-built import
machines took home a fair share of the props at Cayman’s national race track.

Of the five class winners at the
NAPA-Kirk Motors Summer Heat Action event, two were Japanese cars. A.J.
Connolly ran his Honda Integra Type-R to the nine second class while Minroy
Hydes ran his Toyota Starlet to the eight second class win.

Technically Robert Thompson won the
final race with Hydes but because he broke out of his time class he had to take
second place. Meanwhile Connolly took his class win ahead of Eddie Thompson and
his Lotus Elise, which come stock weighing under 2,000 pounds (around 650lbs
lighter than a stock Type-R).

Hydes’ Starlet is no ordinary
Toyota as it boasts a big turbo, a bored and stroked engine and the ability to
make 500hp. Hydes, 36, states the car excelled in Breakers in large part due to
the work of his tuner Kenrick “Banks” Baker.

“Without Banks helping me I
couldn’t run in the race at all. Banks spent hours tuning and building the
motor for me and since he’s right here on the island it’s convenient for me.

“The end result was I won even
though my car only ran two good passes in four attempts. Between qualifying and
the race I blew my head gasket so for every run I had a blown head gasket.”

Meanwhile the other big winners on
the night were Hanson “Bing” Ebanks who claimed the seven second victory behind
the wheel of a red Chevy Camaro and Leon Gould who ran his Suzuki GSR motorbike
to the motorcycle class win (ahead of Humberto Rives). Sammy Jackson got
notable mention for posting the fastest time of the night. His white Chevy
Camaro went down the 1/8 mile drag strip in 6.04 seconds. The time was good
enough for Jackson
to claim first place in the six second class though technically all of his
competition suffered mechanical problems and dropped out.

First and second place in each
class were awarded trophies by staff members of NAPA Car Care Centre. Cash
prizes were not available as there was not enough money received from gate

In spite of a number of setbacks Campbell states the event
was decent.

“Eventually everything went off
OK,” Campbell
said. “We had an oil spill with Jerry Ramos, a biker. He did a wheelie and when
he came down he broke his oil pan. It took an hour and a half to clean up the
oil spill and track conditions after that weren’t the best. Also we had hitches
with the communications system and racers didn’t get to the line on time.
Thanks go to Dail Davis who came to the tower to help. The main thing with this
meet is that everything went off without an incident.”

Out of all the cars he saw Campbell states he was
most impressed with Sammy Jackson.

“Bad Oil (Michael Williams) had
some really quick runs and at times it seemed like scary moments when he went
down the track. Evos in general ran pretty well. However Sammy showed he is a
real threat to the track record. It’s a shame Billy didn’t show up to see
Sammy’s potential. He ran down the track real smooth. I was most impressed with
the unbelievable wheel stand he did at the end of the night. Unfortunately when
he came back down he either broke his header bolts or bent his headers.

“At the end of the day I thank all
the racers for competing, all the spectators for attending and NAPA/Kirk Motors
for their sponsorship. As a heads-up there are plans to do a NAPA night on a Saturday in a couple of
weeks. It would focus heavily on the six second guys as guys like Patrick Campbell
had problems with their cars. I’d also incorporate a NAPA staff shoot-out where I’ll provide the
cars and the staff would race to see who is the fastest.”