Tom’s Accent shames a Mustang

There was lots of excitement going
on behind the Progressive Loop this past Saturday night as things got hot and
heavy at the Valvoline Time Attack put on by the Cayman Motorsports

Numbers were a little low for this
event as only 11 people signed up to race. While this cuts down on the variety
of racers, it guaranteed the racers that did sign up got a lot of runs on a
very challenging course with multiple switchbacks.

First out the gates was young Mike
Weatherford in the Street AWD class who set the first time out of 96 seconds in
the Ace Paint Subaru. Unfortunately Mike’s luck would put him out with a
suspected stuck thermostat making the car unable to run. Left to fight it out
was relative newcomers Erol Babyigit, David Bowerman and Lakeview raceway
veteran Chuck Thompson. Being David’s second outing in his Subaru WRX, it was
good to see his improvement throughout the night to secure second place. Chuck
is “still trying to figure out this AWD business” but came a respectable third
in 93.5s. However it was Erol in his black Evolution III that took the win in

In 2WD Street Tom Kirkconnell snuck
out his fiancés Hyundai Accent to come and try embarrass some of the bigger
boys. He would face a small field featuring Alchrist Bodden in his yellow Ford
Mustang and first-timer Jason Ebanks in his Honda Integra Type R. After being
disqualified two times (getting two Did Not Finish ratings), Jason took along
Motorsports President Bobby Hulse to show him the proper way around the course
and give him a few pointers. After that Jason was able to drop his time by over
8 seconds in the next two runs for third place.

Jason had this to say: “You will
definitely see me at more events. I am officially hooked! In getting prepped
for the next season, I want to thank everyone that offered their very helpful
advice to me. I did exactly what you guys told me to the best I could with minimal
experience and it really helped me to enjoy it even more.”

Fighting it out for first place were
Tom and Alchrist. In the end the little Korean car that could eked out a win
against the American muscle.

In the unlimited class there
clearly was a huge battle between Bobby Hulse’s flat black Altezza, motorsports
Vice President Ian Tibbetts’ white Chevy Corvette, veteran Andy Bodden in the
Automotive Art Mitsubishi Mirage and motosports Secretary Keith Tibbetts (who
borrowed Hulse’s Altezza as the Ace Paint Subaru went down).

Tibbetts proved his skills as a
driver are unquestionable, beating out both Andy and Ian for second place.
Bobby could not let “Speedy” overshadow him and beat out Keith’s best time of
84.8 with an 84.1. Andy received third place for running 86.5s and Ian was able
to dial in his Vette for a time of 87.1s.

In the final run of Street Battle
the course was changed up a little and all of the street class cars were lumped
together. Erol was again able to clinch the win over Chuck by 0.4 seconds.
Rounding out the final in third was Tom in the now smoking Accent. A little TLC
might be in order for the next race.

In a seemed repeat of last month’s
Unlimited Battle run, the “usual” winners didn’t come through. Keith went out
and did a blazing fast time of 60.65 but hit a cone adding two seconds to his
time for a total of 62.65. Ian had spent the previous five runs dialling in his
tire pressures and he obviously got it right because he went out and ran a
clean 62.4s. This left only Bobby to run.

Again like last month, Bobby took
off with a mission and halfway through the run it was clear he was out for a
winning run, but like last time, he was just a bit too fast and spun going into
the last stretch. He was able to get back on course but ended up with a time of
63.4s with a two-second penalty for a final of 65.4s.

Keith had this to say: “Bob’s car
is simply amazing; I really have to thank him for giving me the opportunity to
drive it. It really makes me think about where to take my own car in the

In regards to the final results Ian
said: “I have to give Bob, Speedy and Andy their props, these guys are really
good and tough competition, but I’m coming for them.”

The motorsports association would
like to thank Parkers/Valvoline for their continued support and to all of the
volunteers that help make the Time Attack events running smoothly.

Look out for the new motorsports
association site at and the next Time Attack event on Saturday 25
September. For more information e-mail [email protected] or call 916-5137.

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