Uniform dress code rocks

Come out and enjoy the vibes on
Saturday, 4 September, as you dance through the night to the latest reggae, hip
hop, soca and R&B music from DJs JR, Wow, and Bubblez. This is the last
teen jam before school opens.

Heads up: Leave your summer stuff
at home. The dress code is your school uniform — well, your jazzed-up uniform.
Get creative! For once you can be stylish in your own way and show off your
uniform in a fun and different way.

The alcohol-free teen jam, at the
building behind Foster’s airport store, will include dance performances by Vip,
Excitement, Hype Squad, Ending Squad, Generalzzzzz, Mad Danca, and Yard Star

Admission is $10, unless you are
wearing your uniform, and then it cost only a cool $5. Doors open at 7pm.

“I think teen back-to-school
uniform night out will help teens find who they are and their personal style,”
said Jessica Powell.

Christopher Jones noted, “Well, the
teens build their own vibe by competing with each other and displaying the
latest dance moves.”

Another prospective attendee,
Sabrina Seymour, said, “I think this will be an exciting back-to-school uniform
night out for all teens.

“In my opinion, teen jams help
teens to express themselves in style and dance. … It keeps them off the road
and occupied.”

Girls can wear their plaid, pleated
skirts and shirt, with punked-out accessories, and guys can swag out their look
with a vest, shirt and ties. Rock the school bags, but only if they stand out.

Please note that there will be
security on the lookout for any suspicious incidences.

Also, stalls and rest rooms will be
available for public use.

For more information, check out
YourTeenJamm Website http://www.yourteenjam.com.  Also add Teen Jam BBM Pin 20EADD24 for more

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