Letters to the Editor: Divided people of Cayman

A long time ago we, the united
people of Cayman, lived on this Island and did not have very much, but we had
each other.

We were very happy and shared with
each other to make each day as good as we could. Now all I can hear is the
people of the Cayman Islands are not doing this and not doing that.

And that we are no longer united.
Well, a lot of this is true.

Because we have replaced a lot that
made us the friendly and nice people we were in the past with the love for the
foolish things of this world that we cannot take with us when we die.

Instead of peace and love we now
have greed and division and crime.

What happened my people that has
taken you down this nasty road that will make our future and our culture in so
much trouble? Our children are being pushed into a world that is not Caymanian.
Our old people are being neglected. Our leaders are disrespecting each other.
And for what?

All of these things will make us
all suffer.

Look around you. Are you better off
today than you were in 1986? As we always say, we the people of the Cayman
Islands worked hard so that our children will have it better in the future than
we did in the past. But this is not the case. This is not happening.

Instead we are failing our children
and our people of our past that has paved the way for us to have all that we
have on our island today.

We waste too much and seem not to
care about each other and our Island’s culture and the future.

Instead of building our Cayman up
for our people we help to build it up for outsiders who take all that they can
away from Cayman.
Now I know that many people from the outside have come here and helped us to do
well. But Caymanians must help to build up Caymanians and instead of hundreds
of millions leaving here, spend the money around all over Cayman.

Unity is power. Unity is strength.
We need to start taking a look at what made us great as a people from the days
of poorness to the days of richness.

As it seems today we are heading
back to some of the poorness days. I listen to the talk shows and all the
people that call in each day. I have never heard anyone say at anytime that
they feel safe here now or that they are happy.

As I stated so many times, our
leaders do not have the answers that our people need. Only the people with
proper plans and an island-wide unity can really help all of us and our future.

So from East End to West Bay,
Cayman Brac to Little Cayman, reform ourselves and bring back that real Cayman
national unity, love and respect that we had that made these Islands loved by
so many other nations.

If we continue to go down this road
we will all be the losers and we cannot afford to lose. Our future depends on

Emile S. Levy

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