Playing PWC B is an experience

Over the last three years
PriceWaterhouseCoopers have been a stalwart of co-ed adult softball. With a
pair of teams in the competition the company has had two cracks at success the
last five seasons.

Its C league team may be all the
rage this summer as one of the last unbeaten teams but its B league side
carries heavy expectations. Over the last three seasons the team has been a
high finisher advancing deep in the playoffs last year and winning the B league
championship this Spring.

So far this season PWC B has been
good. The squad formerly nicknamed the Experience sits third in the B1 division
and its first loss of the season was to frontrunners Maples Sluggers.
Interestingly Kareem Robinson was a thorn in the side for PWC even though he
plays for the company’s flag football team.

PWC B team manager and starting
shortstop Brian Rando states the team is not worried about the regular season
but rather it is wholly driven by post-season glory.

“We don’t turn it on until the
playoffs,” Rando said. “Our strategy is to lull the league into a state of complacency
during the regular season and then sneak quietly through the playoffs. We
executed perfectly last year, going 3-9 during the regular season and then
winning three in a row to top the B league. 
Our team success generally relies upon the opposition’s fielding errors.
Defence? Never heard of it.”

Rando, 31, is one of the most
established veterans on the side. The American national is entering his fourth
season of co-ed action and joins 31 year-old Caymanian pitcher Justin “Meat”
Miller (four) and 34 year-old Canadian Tyson “Umpire Killer” Bradley (five) as
the lone players with over two seasons of experience.

Rando, who goes by the nickname “Lasorda”
(after Los Angeles Dodgers great Tommy Lasorda), is quick to point out a number
of players stand out on the side.

“Co-captain Craig Smith and I are
known league-wide as the self proclaimed “Bash Brothers,” a la the 80s Oakland A’s teams with
Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco. While you may not believe it from looking at us,
we have NOT been accused of using performance enhancers like the real bash

“There is Satyajeet Beekarry, 30,
who does pitching for us. He’s from Mauritius and we call him “Googly
Guy” because even though he is erratic at times he “bowls” a ridiculous
“googly.” Also Larissa Neville, 22, is our female anchor at second base the
last two seasons. She’s slow but steady. There’s also Aussie Shannon Moylan,
who we call the “Wizard of Oz.” He finished with a healthy .853 batting average
last season.”

Based on their history and current
collection of talent many in co-ed softball are wary of PWC B. Among them is
co-ed league coordinator and Coors Light Chuggers pitcher Alan Markoff.

“The PwC B Team was somewhat
surprisingly the B league champion last season,” Markoff said. “But they really
came on late in the winter league and have carried that momentum into this
season. They’ve already beaten the powerful Doghouse team, so they might be the
team to beat in the B league.

“PwC has the toughest part of its
schedule ahead, with two A league teams and the former A league Master Batters
twice in the coming weeks. I still see them having a winning record and once
the play-offs start, they know how to get it done.”

Rando states the team is ready to
take on all comers, especially those in the same industry as PWC.

“The team we most like playing is
Doghouse. One of their players still owes one of our players a car wash after
the championship wager last season! Then again it’s always fun to beat up on
the other firms, namely KPMG and Deloitte. Why do we play co-ed softball?
Because we feel that wasted talent is a tragedy.

“All kidding aside, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
have always shown immense support in sponsoring sports teams, not just the two
softball teams. There is no way this team would exist without the firm’s


Team PWC B, back, John Briley, Justin Miller, Ashish Khulbe, Satya Beekarry, Brian Rando, Joe Curley, Scott Murray. Front, Kat Scott, Larissa Neville, Milena Co-nolly, Liz Austin. Missing: roughly 15 players signed up to the team.
Photo: Matthew Yates

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