Visitor dies from injuries in April smash

A tourist who was struck by two vehicles while walking across West Bay Road back in April has died from her injuries, Royal Cayman Islands Police confirmed Tuesday. 

According to police, 59-year-old Jane O’Neill of Massachusetts, USA, died on Monday (6 September) at Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Police that investigated the 19 April crash said Mrs. O’Neill, who had just left a local restaurant, was hit by a
vehicle travelling south-bound on West Bay Road.

Police said she fell onto the windshield of
the first vehicle and was thrown into the opposite lanes into the path of an
on-coming car.

The male driver of the vehicle that struck the woman was
arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving. He has since been released on police bail and detectives are still investigating the case.

Police and the National Roads Authority said in May that they were reviewing the
accident history along West Bay Road to determine if changes need to be made to
the road. to make pedestrians safer. 

There are currently no pedestrian walkways at street level for pedestrians along the 40 mile-per-hour roadway. 

Various governments have announced plans to lower the speed limit along West Bay Road, which is the Cayman Islands’ main tourism corridor, as well as install cross-walks with flashing lights. None of those plans have ever been implemented. 

The crash is the fourth fatality wreck on Cayman’s roadways in 2010.



  1. Now someone has lost their live you may think about doing something for safe crossing on this road ,it needs to be at several areas on SMB and West Bay Road,
    and speed reduced as well ,need to toughen up on speeding drivers.
    Such a waste of life and loss to a family ,my sympathy’s goes out to you.

  2. Speed of these roads have absolutely nothing to do with it. The posted speeds are fine.

    It’s those who go ABOVE the posted speeds. They are the real problem.

    Cross walks, Education of tourists to look BOTH WAYS before crossing. And a ZERO tolerance to speeding would resolve this.

    My point. How many times have you seen a tourist about to cross the road and they are looking the opposite way. And you say to yourself "he/she better watch herself, he/she is going to get hit by a car" or better yet, you have almost hit them, but because you were aware they were tourists, you instinctivly slowed down. Otherwise, you would have hit them as well.

    The speed of the roads are fine. It’s the common sense, that lacks.

  3. And to add to my comment below. By educating the Tourists.

    Why do we not have signs up every so many 100’s of feet, in tourist areas, with a "WARNING, LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET, OUR TRAFFIC IS THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF YOURS"

    and put a graphic of someone getting hit by a car with a red circle and cross through that graphic?

    It also warns and reminds drivers that they are going through tourist area’s, so watch your speed.

    I mean, we put them up for iguanas LOL…why not people?

  4. Hey guys,

    How much more is this going to go on for. The speed limit to the wharf is 25mph???? Then it increases to 40mph on the busiest section on tourist real estate on the island?? Really.

    If you are considering doing something put a solid white line all along the esterly tibbets highway???
    Why over take? for a couple of seconds a head of traffic….Wake up road authority. As they say the market dictates and it’s been dictating for years but I guess a couple of more deaths might make you guys listen, look & learn…

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