Defendants’ interviews read to court

Defence refers to ‘unused material’

Police officers in court last week
shared interviews they conducted with the three men accused of murdering Omar
Barton Samuels on the night of 4 July, 2009.

Patrick Elbert McField, Osbourne
Wilfred Douglas and Brandon Leslie Ebanks are charged together; their trial
began on 30 August before Justice Charles Quin and a jury of eight women and
four men.

Officer Paul Innis read the
interview conducted with Ebanks, who said he had spent Saturday night, 4 July,
at a friend’s house behind Zodiac Bar. Around midnight, he went to Jah T’s to
get some conch and took it back to his friend’s house. The whole excursion
lasted 10 to 15 minutes, he estimated. He said his girlfriend picked him up
around 12.30am. They parked across from Smith Cove for a while and then she
drove him home to Prospect.

Nicholas Rhodes QC, Ebanks’ lead
counsel, pointed out that the time of the shooting could be placed at just
before 1am. Ebanks’ interview had given a complete explanation of where he was.

Mr. Rhodes told another officer
that statements were taken from the man whose house Ebanks had said he was at
and from Ebanks’ girlfriend. They were provided by the Crown to the Defence as
unused material.

Sergeant Winsome Prendergast gave
evidence of her interview with Osbourne Douglas on 27 August, 2009. She said he
exercised his legal rights. Afterwards, he said he needed to smoke and have
some fresh air. Ms Prendergast said she went to get some cigarettes and then
joined him for the smoke. While he was going back to the cells, he said there
was a witness missing that police had not spoken to. He gave her the name
Martin and a last name.

Ms Prendergast said she believed
this was pertinent and she went to the officer in charge about it. He later
told her he needed another interview regarding this matter.

Inspector Lauriston Burton said he
spoke to Patrick McField on 7 July, 2009. McField told him he never went to
McField Lane the night of the incident. Sunday, 5 July was his birthday, and he
celebrated Saturday night. He went to Peppers Night Club where people bought
him drinks and he got drunk.

In a second interview, McField said
when he got to Peppers he saw Mr. Samuels walking alone toward the club.
McField stopped to talk to a girl; when he went into the club Mr. Samuels was
still outside.

He said he didn’t have any problem
with anyone in the club. His cousin told him she was taking him home with her
to Randyke Gardens and they reached there after midnight.

Mr. Burton said after the first
interview that he contacted McField’s cousin. “She basically gave me an account
that corroborated McField’s account,” he told the court.

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