Letters to the Editor: Gas prices out of control

It is most unfortunate that the
Cayman public has had to pay extra for their gas because unlike the management
at Boatswains Beach, Government has been unwilling to make meaningful cuts to
the exorbitant cost of our Civil Service.

What is even worse for the motoring
public is the continued profiteering from Esso and Texaco-Chevron in these hard
economic times. Why, when the average price of gas at the pump in the US has
dropped by 23 cents since early May, has our price INCREASED by 18 cents
(discounting the 25 cent duty adjustment), over the same period?

Roger M. Davies


  1. Unlike Cayman most countries has consumer protection agencies which guard against price fixing. Although supply and demand is seen as a self regulating cost adjuster, unethical price-fixing is made easy where there are few competitors. Government has the responsibility to protect its citizens from such unfair practices. To say a company is unwilling to provide data in order to evaluate their profit margin is not acceptable, and can be overcome by licensing guidelines.

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