Feeling the heat

The heat of September can be fierce
but generally being indoors keeps the worst excesses manageable.

However, for one Caymanian
resident, things got a little intense recently. Joan Wilson, a resident of the
Seven Mile Beach area, was resting in her bedroom when she said she was shocked
to hear a loud cracking sound coming from the dining room.

“The noise went on for a few
seconds. Fearing I was being broken into, I cautiously investigated, and was
astounded to notice that the lower three panes of glass in the balcony door
were all cracked in a rather beautiful pattern.

“The glass was still emitting
noise, this time much softer – almost like an egg crackling in the fat in a
frying pan. Upon touching the door, which is metal, it was hot from the sun
that was beating upon it. The glass in the other panes in the door was also
hot,” she explained.

Husband Colin Wilson, a retired
surveyor, was on hand to explain that the edges of the glass had been pushed
against the metal frames by the heat expanding the metal and causing the glass
to shatter.

“The fact that it happened to all
three panes to produce this uniform and very attractive pattern is unusual.
Yes, outside it really was hot, hot, hot,” he said.


It has been so hot of late that glass has spontaneously cracked.
Photo: Submitted