Premier says no pay cut, civil service cautious

Premier McKeeva Bush told Cayman Islands lawmakers Thursday that further pay and benefit cuts for civil servants were not being considered by the government.

Mr. Bush’s response came following a parliamentary question from opposition party member Alden McLaughlin.The question read: “Is the government considering further reductions in the salaries and/or benefits of public servants?”The premier’s response: “The government is not considering reducing the salaries and/or benefits of public servants.”

A statement issued Friday by the Cayman Islands Civil Service Association confirmed that the deputy governor had made similar statements regarding future pay cuts. However, the association’s management council was a bit more cautious in its comments.

“Over the last several weeks the Cayman Islands Civil Service Association has received many inquiries about the possibility of staff, pay and other cuts being planned or initiated for the Civil Service. We have been in communication with the Deputy Governor and he has stated that there are no plans that he is aware of to further reduce salaries and/or allowances.

“However, it is expected that there will be further reviews of the public service along the lines of those carried out earlier this year as per the agreement between the FCO and CIG for further borrowings. We have communicated that there are a number of issues regarding the staffing and management of the Civil Service which we hope will be addressed, irregardless of the outcomes of these reviews, but especially before the possibility of any further Civil Service cuts are entertained.

“We look forward to the Deputy Governor providing a more substantial response in the immediate future to the concerns of the Civil Service regarding their employment status.”

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