Russian suicide bombers claim more lives

Moscow —A suicide bomber detonated a car packed with
explosives outside a market in the south-eastern Russian town of Vladikavkaz on
killing at least 17 and injuring more than 130.

blast occurred at a peak marketing time in the town in Russia’s North Ossetia republic. A
slow-moving sedan pulled up near the market’s front gate and exploded overturning
cars, stalls and kiosks and shattering windows in nearby houses, said North
Ossetia interior ministry spokesman Samir Sabatkoyev.

were “many people and cars in front of the market,” Sabatkoyev said.
The body of the bomber was found inside the charred remains of the vehicle, he

one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing.

President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have condemned. “We will do
our best to catch … these rascals who committed a terrorist act against
ordinary people,” Medvedev said.

noted that the attack occurred on the Muslim holiday of Uraza Bayram. “It
is sad to note … there are people who even on this bright holy day commit such
horrible crimes as the one committed in Vladikavkaz,” Putin said.
“Those who do it certainly are people without a soul, without a

explosion follows on the heels of a similar explosion earlier this week in the
neighbouring republic of Dagestan in which a suicide car bomb exploded on the testing
grounds of a Russian military base near the town of Buynaksk, killing four and
injuring 35 soldiers.


Investigators examine the site of a blast near a market in Vladikavkaz.
Photo: Yahoo News