Spa offers a facial for your feet

One of the first things people
advise you to do when you begin living on this island is to take care of your
feet. They’re on display a lot, so it’s a good idea to keep them looking good
by getting a regular pedicure.

For a really special treat for your
feet, the La Prairie Silver Rain spa offers the creme-de-la-creme of pedicures.

The signature Silver Rain Pedicure
is a pedicure and so much more. It involves a massage chair, a hot stone
massage and foot mitts, with a delightful hand and arm massage thrown in for
good measure.

My pedicurist Jaimee Dame met me at
the Silver Haven relaxation area of the spa – where guests can lounge in their
white robes, sipping tea, eating cranberries and nuts, and reading coffee table
books – and escorted me to a private pedicure area.

There, before me was a massage
chair with two magnetised remote controls clinging to either side of it. One
controlled the chair, while the other controlled the whirlpool foot spa I was
about to sink my feet into.

Decisions, decisions… Did I want
to choose the wave action that would in turn massage my lower back, my mid-back
and my shoulders, or the pulse which hit different pressure points along my
back? Luckily, the pedicure lasted 75 minutes so I had enough time to go
through all the options.

While I was figuring out what kind
of back massage the chair should give me, Jaimee was already at work, buffing
my feet before placing them in the foot spa for a comforting soak. The foot spa
was filled with water wonderfully scented with fragrant vanilla and jasmine.

After a little soak, Jaimee began a
deep but gentle exfoliation of my feet using Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream,
and then applied magnolia oils. This was followed by a stimulating mask for my
feet, ankles and legs using a Hydralift Firming Mask.

The entire experience was like a
facial for my feet – they’d never been so pampered.

While the mask was doing its work
inside some heated foot mitts, Jaimee has begun to give me a wonderful hand and
arm massage.

This was followed by a sublime hot
stone massage of the legs and feet that made me wish I had longer legs so that
the massage could last several minutes more.

Jaimee presented me with a variety
of nail varnish colours to choose from, but I opted for the Silver Rain
signature treatment – a French polish with a subtle and delicate difference –
silver tips instead of white ones.

My feet walked away from this
pedicure very happy.

As an added treat, each person who
gets a pedicure at Silver Rain is presented with a La Prairie file and a pot of
nail polish.

The Silver Rain Pedicure lasts 75
minutes and costs US$115.

Throughout August, Silver Rain is
offering Cayman Islands’ residents a gift of a full-sized La Prairie product
used during any 90-minute facial or body treatment. The spa is also offering a
complimentary Caviar or Platinum Collection Gift Set with the purchase any
product from the La Prairie Caviar and/or Platinum skin-perfecting collections.

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