BritCay can claim top spirit

In sports newcomers face added
adversity as they strive to become regulars in a particular discipline. One of
the sides on-island finding out about growing pains first-hand is team BritCay.

Heading into the seventh week of
the 2010 Winter Co-Ed Softball League, BritCay sit at the bottom of the C
division. The side has lost all six of its opening matches in its first season
in the sport. Their struggles have mirrored those of fellow rookies team HSBC
and the DMTC Rascals. Leading the division are stalwarts PWC Scorpions, who
know a lot about defeat after suffering an epic two-year losing streak that
stretched over four seasons.

Nevertheless BritCay have kept
their heads up and have played their matches with a fun spirit. As team captain
Kenneth Davis states the side is in a learning stage.

“Our team’s playing style is very
entertaining, tough and free spirited,” Davis said. “We have fun out there.
We’d like to win but we’re only the team having fun losing. We lost a tough
game last Monday 11-7 and the other team looked at us crazy because we were
cheering and laughing from start to finish.

“Our team as a whole are standouts
considering 85 percent have never played softball before but our Most Valuable
Players so far are Toney Davis, Alex McCallister, Lester Purvis and Charles Gilman.”

The squad plays its next game on
Monday 20 September on field three of the Field of Dreams facility in George
Town. At 6.30pm BritCay faces B league side Ogiers Bats From Hell in an
inter-league match. Ogiers, another softball newcomer, have struggled in the B2
division this season. Davis, 48, is in his second year playing co-ed softball
and has manned a number of positions. He states it doesn’t matter who the team
is playing but how the side comes together.

“Being that we are a new team, we
have yet to play against all the teams in the league so I really don’t know who
we’ll like and who we won’t like playing until the end of our season.
Personally I play softball for fun, exercise and for company team building.”

Interestingly Davis is originally
from New York and supports New York sports teams like pro baseball team the New
York Mets. In fact he went to Citi Field in August to catch a Mets game. The
BritCay customer service supervisor states that the team functions as a way of
building company morale and will be a force to reckon with next season.

“The team sponsor plays a big role
in keeping the team going. We are fortunate to have BritCay sponsor our own
team. This company is committed to its staff and helping us become more
committed to helping our clients more efficiently.

“We’re happy to be part of the
league but next season we’ll be dangerous, I guarantee it. People will have to
look out for team BritCay next year, just like the Mets. Right now we’re
learning and taking our licks. But we’re coming next season so get ready. We
might have to get up to the B league after dominating the C league.”

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