Drills make holes in stats of rivals

A.L. Thompson is a stalwart in the
area of home improvement in Cayman. But based on the form of their Drills, the
company is quickly becoming a force in softball.

Coming into this week the A.L.
Thompson Drills sit third in the B2 division of the Fall Adult Co-ed Softball
League put on by the Cayman Islands Little League. The Drills sport a winning
record and are continuing the momentum from last season’s initiation to the

In the 2010 Winter league, the
Drills won the C division after battling Mel Omier and the Ritz Carlton Lions
and earned a promotion to the B league. Yet team captain and avid darts player
Earl Smith states the squad is still learning the ropes.

“We are still a new team, having
only played together for one season,” Smith said. “I think our playing style is
still being defined. But when we have all of our players and are at the peak of
our game I think we surprise ourselves at how composed and powerful we can be.”

The team sports a number of
interesting talents including cricketer Keevon Bazil and flag football player
Caron Lumbra. However Smith, 44, states there are a number of secret weapons on
the side.

“We’d hate to reveal our secret
weapons before the post-season even starts. After seeing us play it will be
quite obvious that we have a couple of key players such as Dalton Watler, Dan
Murphy, Rigoberto Rego and Yosvany Ebanks.”

Smith is a pretty good player in
his own right. Even though he’s new to slow-pitch softball, the outfielder used
to play competitively for a number of years in the fast-pitch version of the
game alongside the father-son duos of Johnny Johnson and Rupert Whittaker
Senior and Junior.

The Drills are next in action on Tuesday
21 September at 7.45pm on field three of the Field of Dreams facility in George
Town. In their way is B league rival Maples Sluggers, who are on top of the B1
division behind the likes of Jonathan Tibbetts and Kareem Robinson. Smith, who
hails from the Bahamas but has lived in Cayman 15 years, is quick to say he has
little knowledge of Maples or the other B league sides on their schedule.

“Since moving up to the B league we
haven’t played the majority of those teams yet. But I think we will most enjoy
the teams we can beat.”

Interestingly the Drills are not
the only team A.L. Thompson’s has in co-ed softball. It’s Hammers club is in
the A league and holding their own behind Robert Boggess, Jason Giddings and
Miguel Pitta. Coming into this week the Hammers were second behind reigning
champions Home Gas.

A.L. Thompson himself seems to be a
fan of the sport as he recently threw out the first pitch at a Drills match.
Smith, who works for Thompson, states softball is a way for employees to be
active and socialize.

“A.L. Thompson’s uses softball as a
means of socializing and bonding outside of the workplace. It is a great way
for all of our employees to work together on our team-whether coaching, playing
or simply cheering. Since 95 percent of our players are actual A.L. Thompson’s
employees, our sponsor is our lifeline.

“Beyond paying our softball dues
(as well as our salaries), A.L. Thompson’s is heavily involved in the support
of the team from generating the best fan base in the league (complete with blow-up
drills and snare drums) to including Drills updates in the company’s monthly
newsletter. A.L. Thompson’s loves its co-ed softball team.”

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