Home Gas dimmed

Monday marks the start of the
seventh week of the 2010 Winter Adult Co-ed Softball League. As the standings
show some of the established powers have stiff competition.

The biggest example of that is in the
A league where Home Gas have dropped two of their first six games and find themselves
tussling with newcomers A.L. Thompson’s Hammers for first place. Also in
shouting distance are the Coors Light Chuggers and Island Taste Hot Stuff.

Action has been equally tense in
the B league as the Maples Sluggers have a slim lead in the B1 division over
fellow stalwarts Master Batters and PriceWaterhouseCoopers B. Deloitte have
swung their way to the top of the B2 division with a league-high 88 runs
scored. However the KPMG Bounty Hunters and A.L. Thompson’s Drills are right on
their tail.

Finally the PWC Scorpions
top the C league and are two games ahead of Electra-tech Pure Energy, the only
other winning team in the group.