Editorial for September 22: It’s nice to have you back, Leroy

For those of you who might have
missed the article on Tuesday’s front page, the man who is arguably Cayman’s
most famous concierge has returned to his old job.

We’d like to join in giving a
hearty welcome back to Leroy Jordan.

After eight-and-a-half years here,
Leroy was rolled over in 2008. After 21 months away, he’s back where he

We could provide readers with reams
of good comments about Leroy’s service and work over the years, about his
enthusiasm for the Islands, about his efforts that go well above-and-beyond the
call of duty.

But we’d rather have Leroy’s own
words speak for him:

“There’s a dent in my ceiling when
I hit the roof on getting the phone call to come back here; it was the first
time I’d truly been happy, inside and out, for 21 months.”

“The whole lifestyle, the people –
there’s nothing like it. It’s like my heart and soul was still in the Cayman
Islands and always has been. Since the first day I set foot on Grand Cayman
back in 2000 I knew this was my place and I had a connection with the Island.
The people I’ve worked with, the people I’ve met I can’t even imagine being
anywhere else and wouldn’t change it for the world,” he said.

There are plenty of people in
Leroy’s position, who have given their heart and soul to an employer and to
Cayman, only to become embittered and negative after being cast aside by
ill-conceived and economically destructive immigration rules.

But not Leroy.

The guy is just happy to be back.
He hasn’t got a bad word to say – even after the country’s government
essentially told him he wasn’t wanted. His heart and soul is in the Cayman

The next time the long-running
immigration debate is brought up, we’d like everyone involved to keep Leroy
Jordan’s situation in mind. Think about whether people like him are truly not
necessary to the continued success of this country.

In our view, it’s nice to have you
back Leroy.

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