Letters to the Editor: Christ’s message to the churches

Christ introduces himself ‘the Son
of God’ Matthew 16:16-18. Christ used four words to explain their good work –
love, faith, service and patience.

Rebuke: A group of persons with the
spirit character of Jezebel enjoy the privileges of church membership, used
their influence to turn others from the pure religion of Christ into carnal and
spiritual fornication and adultery poisoning the minds of other church members
with false doctrines. Read Revelations 2 and 3. They had forgotten their first
love and now wax cold.

Paul speaks the condition would
worsen in 2 Timothy 3 v 1-5, 13. Read the opening seals of Rev. 6. These are
important of Christ Jesus returning.

The four horses in a race. The red
horse given the power to take peace from the Earth. Paul refers a fall away 2
Thessalonians 2 v 3, 11, Acts 20 v 29-30.

The red horse represents the
leadership of the church, corruption then began, error, superstition. The sword
given the rider was the sword of Caesar. Division read Rom 16 v 17; Hebrews 3 v
10-12; Jude 1 v 4,11; Jerm 3 v 5; Luke 8 v 11-17; 2 Peter 2 v 14, 15, 21-22.

Antichrist in 1 John 2 v 22-23, 2
John 2 v 7-9

Living prophets reprove Ezekiel 13

Reproach of false prophetesses
Ezekiel 13 v 17-23

The Lord is sending a strong
warning to get back in line. You have lost your first love. You have created
divinations and have scattered the sheep. God is against you and the people
perish because of lack of knowledge.

On 11th February, 2010, I visioned
three churches. The biggest inside was full of brightness of glorious light
with a great sound of singing and rejoicing, but I see no one inside. Then a
small church empty and dark. The other church had people sitting and a pastor,
tall and slim of brown complexion teaching the world from the Bible but he was
mixing error of the words he spoke to the saints as I rebuked him in my vision
explaining the correct word of the Bible. He grabbed my left hand. I kept declaring
the word of God then his face changed to four different pastors, the last face
of a beast. I rebuked him and awoke from my sleep.

Woe unto them that prophesy out of
thine hearts and follow your own spirit speaking lies to hurt souls.

Thus saith the lord God, will he
pollute me among my people for handsful of barley and for pieces of bread to
slay the soul that should not die. Greed and deception warning to leaders:
Priests, governors, president, opposition, lawyers, doctors, teachers, judges,
lawmakers, police, soldiers, managers, captains, band servants, inhabitants,
radio hosts, TV hosts; you are called to lead the nation unto righteousness in
on e accord in unity with the fruit of the spirit love, peace, joy, hope, etc.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
and all of his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you.

Woe unto those who trust in
chariots and horsemen, who seek help from Egypt. The Egyptians are men and not
God; their horses are flesh not spirit Isaiah 31 v 1-3.

There is a change coming soon. Line
up your hearts with the word. Behold the son of man coming quickly. This will
be a great revival in the eastern sky.

Read Rev. 6 v 14-17 is a vision I
saw in 11 January, 2010, the next day Haiti was destroyed.

The youths are crying out. Their
voices are not heard. They need counsel and direction in order to obtain mercy
and peace of mind through eternity.

Restoration promised – Isaiah 32 v
15-18, Isaiah 29 v. 24

God’s promise to the nations –
Isaiah 62 v 1

Priest duty – Sound an alarm. Warn
the people. Prepare the way. God is going to hold the priest accountable for
the people that perish. Priest should guide and give suggestions to government,
helping the nations to stand on the side of freedom for human dignity. It is
not about religion nor denomination nor a country where one comes from. It’s
all about kingdom building to retrieve a better nation. The terms of the
threefold purchased are set by God in Isaiah 55 v 1.

Christ is head of the Church. Let
the Church be the Church.


Lorna Eccleston