Update: Fidelity bank robbed

Three masked robbers – all of them armed – held up the Fidelity bank in downtown George Town before 10am Friday. 

According to witness accounts from inside the bank, the three men demanded everyone inside drop to the floor before they went behind the counter and took money from the tellers.

It was believed the men got away with some cash before fleeing. Their escape vehicle was described as a Black Jeep Compass, according to police.

Police were on the scene within minutes of the heist, which took place on Dr. Roys Drive – ironically, right across the street from where the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Financial Crime Unit is located. 

No one inside the bank was hurt, but one female bank employee said several were shaken up by the heist. 

“I was so frightened, I was just trying to hide,” the woman said.

An ambulance was located outside the bank on standby just in case.

Former Fidelity bank president Leonard Ebanks just happened to be inside making a transaction when the robbers stormed in. 

“I just heard these voices behind me and they said ‘everybody on the ground, this is a hold up’,” Mr. Ebanks said. “There were three of them…they were in and out in one minute.” 

There were no reports of any arrests immediately following the hold up. Later in the morning, police had a wide area of Dr. Roys Drive blocked to vehicle traffic and the RCIPS helicopter was assisting in searches of the area around central George Town. 

The three suspects in the bank robbery were described as follows: 

*First suspect – Brown complexion, 6 feet in height, weighing about 180 pounds. He was wearing a white overall over his face and dark glasses.

*Second suspect – Dark brown complexion, wearing denim pants and a white and grey coloured shirt.

*Third suspect – Dark brown complexion, wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

The Fidelity branch on Dr. Roys Drive was closed the entire day Friday. It was expected to reopen on Monday. 

“We’re just so thankful that none of our staff or customers were hurt,” said current bank president Brett Hill Friday afternoon. 

Bank robberies are extremely rare in the Cayman Islands. Friday’s heist was only the second to occur here this year. In February, the Cayman National Bank branch in the Countryside Shopping Centre was robbed. 

In March 2006, the Cayman National Bank Branch
in Centennial Towers, West Bay was robbed..

Prior to that, the last bank robbery on Grand Cayman
happened in the 1990’s.

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  1. We need to get togethe as community and do something, if not we all going to be live in fear, and all this bad people will take over. for now let’s keep pray for all of us.

  2. well no one got hurt…. better than stabbing some defenseless people in the dark of nite, like a coward… these guys actually wanted to get caught or really dumb and desperate.

  3. I am very grateful that no ne was hurt in this instance. While I realize that the ability to properly identify he robbers are not as detailed as one would like…the description given described majority of locals/ caribbean individuals.

    I hope they catch these persons and justice prevails!

  4. OK – a Black Jeep Compass on an small island of only 100 square miles. I pray to God that the CI police force is capable enough to end this immediately (How many Black Jeep Compass’ could there possibly be)

    Where there are 3 bank robbers, there are many more criminals close by.

    But, with the police having not demonstrated the skills to organize a skunk hunt in a phone booth, we wont hold our breath as we continue to watch the once quaint island of Cayman continue its downward spiral..

  5. At what point will the U.S. issue a travel advisory to its citizens about the violent crime rate in Cayman?
    I assume that Fidelity Bank uses security cameras; let’s see the video, so somebody identify them!

  6. What does it take for the authorities to understand that the island is in serious decline. Violent crime ever nearer to the tourist hub of Georgetown and we all await, with little surprise the first report of fatal attack on a visitor or ex-pat.
    Then watch us drown in a sea of our governments ignorance and apathy.
    And yet they portray our island as a promised land.
    It was once but now just like so many other 3rd world island ghettos.

  7. I heard someone was Pregnant! I hope she’s OK! Something like this could really damage the pregnancy from the shock of it all.

    They all describe to be the same! Black Jeep, there’s not too many Black Jeeps on the island, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the car. It’s just another sad day for Cayman. One more black mark against the Country.

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