LIME plans undersea cable

A new undersea cable system is being
installed by LIME Caribbean.

The new system will link the western
Caribbean, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands to the Dominican Republic, a key
market in the region, before landing in the east in the British Virgin Islands.

The new east-west cable is supposed to
deliver increased regional and international capacity, in addition to
furnishing an additional route to serve LIME’s carrier customers in North and
Latin America. Commercial operations are expected to start by early next year.

LIME’s entry into the Dominican Republic
market will drive competitive pricing and provide a third international cable
to the country.

The direct benefits to LIME’s operations
in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgins Islands will be derived
from growth in the wholesale markets.

The east-west cable will also enable
LIME Jamaica operations to meet the rising demand for high-speed bandwidth. The
added diversity and resilience provided by the new undersea cable brings a
strong second connection to the Internet by way of the CBUS cable in New York –
a vital connection in the event of an issue on the current Maya connection to

increased broadband speeds (8Mb or more) become more popular across the world,
the east-west Cable is designed to provide greater international cable
resiliency, meet the expected Internet demand required to support growing customer needs and facilitate the expansion in Internet
penetration in the Caribbean Region, particularly in the Dominican Republic.
The route reduces the dependency on the Miami/USA cable system for high speed
Internet bandwidth and provides direct connectivity to Central and South
America via the Jamaican connection.

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