US consular services interrupted

The US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica,
said Friday that – due to staffing issues – the US Consular Agency in the
Cayman Islands will be temporarily unable to accept applications for US
passports and consular reports of birth or to provide notarial services after
September 30, 2010. 

US citizens residing in the Cayman
Islands, therefore, should confirm their US passport expiration dates and make
every effort to renew expiring US passports before the end of September. 

The embassy plans intermittently to
cover staffing gaps with embassy personnel who will be able to provide the
normal range of consular services.  Dates
for those visits will be announced in advance and will be disseminated via
email to US citizens in the Cayman Islands who have registered their presence
with the US Department of State. 

US citizens who are not currently
registered with the Department of State are strongly encouraged to register
on-line at

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