Public schools close at last minute

Teachers asked to report in

Cayman Islands government schools will not re-open Wednesday (today) as was announced earlier.

At about 7.30am Wednesday, the government announced it had reversed its earlier decision to open Cayman Islands public schools.

Teachers are asked to report to their respective schools and will then be dismissed when appropriate, education ministry officials said. 

Weather conditions on both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac were expected to deteriorate throughout Wednesday.

Other schools closed Wednesday, 29 September:


*St. Ignatius

*Grace Christian Academy

*Cayman Prep and High School

*Cayman International School


The Cayman Islands government closed public schools around
12.30pm Tuesday as heavy rains pounded the Grand Cayman

Several private schools, including Cayman Prep,
Triple C and Grace Christian Academy
followed suit – along with the University
College of the Cayman

The George Town Library also closed early Tuesday. 

The sudden closure led a glut of traffic on
rain-choked roads, particularly in central George Town, as residents hurried to get
their kids out of schools.

Government workers were allowed to leave early to
get their kids or check on their homes if they lived in low-lying areas. 

Street-flooding reached to nearly waist-level in
areas of Windsor Park
and Randyke Gardens
in George Town;
two typically flood prone areas. 

In the Prospect, some of the street
were made impassable by flood waters, but it did not appear that water had
gotten into anyone’s homes. 

Windsor Park, parents arrived at the Richard
Arch Children’s Centre to pick up their little ones. 

“I get a call at five-to-one saying you need
to come pick up your son by one o’clock,” said Kevon Bazil “I didn’t
even know there was a tropical storm. I just thought it was another rainy day
in Cayman.”  

Tisha Davidson had to pick up her two kids, one at
primary school and one in day care. 

“I’m actually on vacation, if I was at work
it would have been a different story,” she said. 

The Arch centre keeps about 200 kids during the day and usually closes around 5pm. 



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