Zombie Driftwood: Catch the UK premiere

Zombie Driftwood fans who happen to
find themselves in London in November are in luck. The movie’s producers have
confirmed a London premier at the Prince Charles cinema just off Leicester

Dates are 19 and 20 November, and
as the cinema can accommodate only 250, movie buffs are encouraged to book now
through the Zombie Driftwood Facebook page.

The low-budget Zombie Driftwood is
based in North Side’s Driftwood Bar, run by Phil Eckstein, who penned the
screenplay. The screenplay was commissioned by Scottish filmmaker Bob
Carruthers, who directed the movie. Filming took place on Cayman this summer.

Emmy Award winning director
Carruthers’ critically acclaimed production of Macbeth won the Silver Screen
Award in the 30th US International Film Festival, and co-producer David
McWhinnie’s latest film Obseledia, directed by Diane Bell, won the Alfred P.
Sloan prize for a film that focuses on science or technology, at the Sundance
Film Festival.


Zombie Driftwood will premiere in London in November.

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