West Bay dock damaged in storm

One of the casualties of this week’s stormy
weather was the dock at West Bay public beach.

Mark Bothwell, of the Recreation, Parks and
Cemeteries Unit, said the dock had suffered extensive damage in the stormy
conditions brought by Tropical Storm Nicole this week.

“Half the dock is gone,” he

The unit’s staff have assessed the damage but
the waves were still too high and choppy to begin repair work on the dock
Thursday, Mr. Bothwell said.

Planks of wood that have washed ashore from
the damaged dock are piled up at the end of the pier.

Captain Leslie Ebanks of West Bay said the
pier, which he uses to dock his Stingray Watersports boats, suffers damage in
large storms and bad sea conditions. “The planks pop out,” he said as he
examined the damage on Thursday morning.

Many of the planks of wood at the front of the
dock are missing and others are loose after two days of stormy


  1. I hope the public takes it upon themselves to fix the dock. pick up the wood and put it back …this goes for fallen limbs, some blown trash etc. Dont expect goverment to do everything.

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