Editor for October 1: Playing the blame game

Forgive us, but we at the Caymanian
Compass found nothing particularly enlightening or helpful in Wednesday’s
national address by Opposition Leader Kurt Tibbetts.

Toward the end of the 20-page
speech, Mr. Tibbetts stated his suggestions for the current government to help
get the country’s economy back on track.

They were as follows:

1. Roll back tax and fee hikes from
the past 16 months and promise no new ones will be introduced. That sounds
good, but how then does the opposition expect government to pay for the
programmes the public is demanding in greater quantities every day?

2. Plan to get government costs
under control in the next three to five years. Again, there were no ideas on
how this might be accomplished. Certainly civil service cost-cutting efforts
did not succeed when Mr. Tibbetts was the Leader of Government Business.

3. Review immigration practices and
law, but do it in public with full disclosure. We can only applaud the calls
for transparency, but just what would the opposition like to see government do
to change immigration policies, if anything?

4. Establish “much needed
alliances” with tourism stakeholders to develop a “tourism master plan”. We’ve
seen many of these plans over the past decade. Have any helped or even been

5. Tax breaks for small businesses.
Always a political campaign favourite, cut current fees and then give tax
breaks. But, hmmm, how to pay for government?

6. Get ‘ill-considered’ financial
services legislation under control. Other than the Dormant Accounts Bill, what
exactly is Mr. Tibbetts referring to here? He didn’t say. 

This address to the country was yet
another opportunity for Cayman’s opposition party to present its own ideas and
offer its guidance to government with specific proposals – for the betterment
of the country.

Sadly, Mr. Tibbetts chose to blast
away with the political rhetoric, calling previous statements by the premier
“idiotic” and calling into question his ability to lead the country.

We’re not sure how this helps fix
anybody’s problems at the moment.


  1. That’s the way the blame game works, it grabs headlines, stirs the public but offers nothing in the form of solutions. However, I have not heard or seen any actions that will stimulate the economy from any of the elected members.
    The divestment of Government owned and operating businesses will reduce the tax needs and present opportunities for tax cuts. Additionally, the commencement of the major projects on the table will reduce unemployment (cruise port, East End port, schools, Shetty hospital).This in itself will only allow some "breathing" room until the worlds economy can commence recovery.
    Why, we are in a global recession and expect to maintain all Government services?

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