Horace gets them slamming

October is officially here and the
sport of dominos is expected to be slamming ahead in Cayman. Directing the play
will be Horace Duquesnay.

The owner of Corner Pocket bar is
the new President of the Cayman Islands Domino Association. Duquesnay, who is
in his 60s, takes over from police officer and Island All Stars domino club
president Derek Elliot Senior, who previously held the post. The Jamaican national
has a strong link to sports as he has an interest in fishing (he is helping to
organise Cayman participation in the Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament
9-16 October) and his Corner Pocket bar is one of the main venues for local

The start of a local dominos league
is slated to commence the first week of October. In the meantime Duquesnay has
been drafting new rules and regulations for the sport. He states the process is
necessary as matches can get out of hand.

“Dominos has become a game with a
lot of arguments and fighting,” Duquesnay said. “Drafting rules to cut that out
is quite a feat. At this point I’m happy to say almost all of the rules are
done. I’d also like to mention that the board of directors serving alongside me
are performing very well and we’ve all come together well.”

Joining Duquesnay on the new board
are eight others; Vanessa Forrester is vice-president, Oletta Elliott is
secretary, Sheena Taylor is assistant secretary, Dareen Ebanks is treasurer,
Dwayne Jones is assistant treasurer, Kristin Williams is public relations
officer, Junior Hydes (who is a notable figure in motorsports) and Dave
McLaughlin are head referees.

In addition there are officially
nine sides registered on Grand Cayman in Island All Stars, Archie’s,
Buttonwood, Corner Pocket, East End select, Helium, Kelly’s, Merengue Town, and
Singh’s Roti Shop domino clubs. There are no official clubs in the Sister

Duquesnay states he wants local
players to better utilise the technical aspects of the sport. “I’ve always been
into dominos for a long time, from my younger days. It has been a long haul for
me and nowadays I admit I prefer to watch. The way the game is played now is so
much different from my day. Dominos should be about reading the game and
watching your partner. Today it’s too much silent code. Guys are telling their
partners what to play and personally I don’t go for that.”

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